Sunday, July 1, 2012

CSI Submission: King of Her Heart

Case 26 over as CSI:colorstoriesinspiration this week is a great one! Great colors to work with and some really fun "evidence"!  Here is my take on it but go on over there and check it out!  Join in the fun!

For some reason it scanned a little crooked but I assured you it is not crooked in person! I just have not yet perfected the 4 scan, stitch to panorama process yet! LOL!

I promised some close ups of this layout so here they are:

For some reason the glitter made my gray flowers look green-ish... This is 3 fabric flowers and 2 ribbon "leavers" joined together and mounted to the paper with a brad.  I used a glue dot to secure the crown to the center.

Oh my, how crooked that looks...I feel that documenting the memories that go along with the picture is even more important than all the pretties.  I have learned to use my own handwriting in most of my journaling.  I am not very fond of my own handwriting but I think about how much I like to see things written in my Mother or Grandmother's handwriting and it speaks to me.  This was a long fought battle especially with all of the great fonts out there, but in the end I want my children and ancestors to see my handwriting.  To me it just has more meaning that way.

My favorite detail of this layout is the gathered translucent ribbon below the picture.  It looks so pretty and feminine.  All I did way run adhesive down the edge of the paper, gather the ribbon on the back of the paper, then run another strip of adhesive down the back to attach it to the paper below.  I may try it with a sewing machine in a future layout.

Join us in our Community of Creativity!

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