Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Twin Pop Matching Game

Twin Pop Matching Game

Popsicle matching

Still looking for some summer road trip keep the kids busy and happy in the car ideas and I came across a Popsicle memory game here.

My kiddos LOVE twin pops so I thought why not use those instead?  Instead of memory I decided to go with a matching game.  I cut the Twin Pops from cardstock and painted them with craft paint in different designs,
Popsicle matching Popsicle matching
Used Elmer's glue to glue on sticks
Popsicle matching

Popsicle matching
Cut them apart
Popsicle matching
And gave them to the kids to play.
They had a lot o fun matching up the patterns.
They can play face up or face down.
They can also play like Go Fish or memory.

If you have a summer fun idea, join us and share!

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