Thursday, July 19, 2012

Family: Other Things May Change Us...

Family: Other Things May Change Us But We Start and End With Family

CSI: Case 28 Submission
Family: Other Things May Change Us But We Start and End with Family -Anthony Brandt

I used a painting technique on this page that I had never tried before and I am very happy with the results.  After cutting the circle for behind the photo, I found a bowl that was about an inch bigger and I placed it centered on the page.  I dipped a dry brush in some paint and painted the paper around the bowl to create another layer to the layout.  I used a dry brush so that the paper behind would not get too wet, and so that the print from the paper behind could still shine through.

This layout was inspired by Case File #28 over at CSI:Colorstoriesinspiration

My layout includes the following evidence: Circles and repetition with the brads, which are a metal object, and the last bit of my repeated Quote for a title is upside down under the picture.

The testimony included is the journaling in a circle. I apologize that the journaling is difficult to see.  In person, it  is darker and says:This family picture was taken the month before we added Miss Avery to our family.  We were celebrating My Mom-Mom's 80th birthday and we hired a photographer for the occasion.  We took the opportunity to have our family pictures taken too.  My sweet girls are growing up so fast! I want them to always remember the value of family.

The journaling is tough to see in the scan...

My title begins with the printed chipboard letters seen here and continues hand written around the page. It repeats 2 times.  This layout it quite a bit more simple than most of my pages but after adding the few details with the brads and the painting, I could not bring myself to add anything else.  I think this layout shines in it's simplicity.
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