Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So Thankful Wreath

Happy November Everyone!! 

 I am so excited to share a new tradition I hope to carry on in our family.  

We made a "Thankful Wreath" to remind us each day of this season of all of the good things we have and that we have so much to be thankful for.  

I started with a straw wreath I picked up at our local Creative reuse store and I wound a brown floral ribbon around it and tied a bow.  

I used my Slice machine to die cut a variety of leaves out of fall colored papers. 

Next, I used rub-ons, stamps, pens and stickers to add the things we are thankful for to the leaves.

I embossed some veins on the back side of the leaves to create a little bit of texture and make them look a little more life-like.   

I used straight pins to place the leaves around the wreath.  Some leaves got one pin, some got two, one in each end to give them a bit of dimension.  


This time of year it is so easy to get caught up in all that has to get done and all the things the little ones wish for.  It is a good time to step back and remind ourselves what we have already been blessed with.  

I intended to hang the wreath on the front door.  I changed my mind quickly though, when I realized we would see it better and more often if I hung it in the kitchen. 

Each time I look at it I am reminded that we have so much and although it does not always seem like enough, it is more than many others have.  

We are truly blessed and I hope that you are too! 

Happy November!

Happy Fall!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, October 29, 2012

More Curly-Q Ribbon Inspiration

A while back I gave you a tutorial for how to create permanently curly ribbon.  I wanted to share some more ways I used this great new discovery for invitations that I made for my niece's birthday parties!

Lalaloopsy was perfect for this technique!!  I just love how adorable she came out!

I also used this technique for these super cute Minnie Mouse invitations

Love this idea and want to order you own?  Check them out in my ETSY store


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting Caught Up!

It is amazing how life gets out of control sometimes and things have to go by the wayside for a bit until I can catch my breath.  With 3 little school goers in my house and one too little for school yet, it has been super crazy in our house! My blog has been sadly behind because of this!  These days I am lucky to get a shower, let alone time to sit at the computer to post!  I am sorry for that but my family has and always will come first!  They have to!

That being said, here is a super cute birthday card I made and shared over on Practical Scrappers a few weeks ago along with other banner and garland projects:


It is super simple and easy.  I used a coordinated paper set that took all of the guesswork out of the color choices.  Sometimes this is a great idea if you are feeling unsure about a great color combo, or if you need to get things done quickly. Most of the time I like coming up with my own color scheme but when time is short, this is a super easy way to take some time out of the creating process!

There are some other great ideas over on the design team site that are definitely worth checking out!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

So Brave Layout! Glitter Pop Dots!

We looked at different ways to use Dimensional adhesive over at Practical Scrappers and some of the ladies had some super innovative ideas!

My idea was to Make them Shine!

I took dimensional foam adhesive dots and peeled off one side of the paper.  I shook some glitter onto them and pressed it on with my finger a bit.  I then shook off the excess, and peeled the backing paper and placed it on my layout to create photo corners and to accent the letters in the title.

It helped to make the photo pop and the letters stand out too!!

Check out the other designer's ideas at Practical Scrappers!

Some Fall Inspiration

Fall is here!

 I am so excited to see the changing leaves and not so excited about having to rake them up every day or so!!  This is our first year really experiencing fall with our kids since we moved from Florida where the change of seasons was minimal.  THEY LOVE it!! They love to play in the leaves and rake them back into a pile, and jumk in them again.  The littlest just stands there and laughs her little heart out when her sisters toss leaves on her head! It is truly wonderful to see!

I just wanted to share quick layout that is my favorite fall layout so far!  I hope to have some great new ones coming from our leaf pile photo shoots!  Get outside and take some pictures!  It is a great time of year to be outside enjoying the world around you and the pictures will be so fun to scrap!!