Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Watercolors To Go!

Watercolors To Go! 

Watercolor to go It is summer vacation season and I was looking for some fun new things that could be taken along in a car to keep the little ones busy and happy.  My kids love to paint so when I came across the idea I found here I had to try it.  With a couple additions to make it my own and to make it so the kiddos could take it with them complete and ready to use, and here you are!

Started with 9X11 sheets of watercolor paper that I cut down to a variety of sizes.
Watercolor to goI used the liquid watercolors that come in a tube to add the watercolors to the edge of each piece of paper.
Watercolor to goEach paper got dots of watercolor along the left side.  I used smaller dots for the smaller paper and larger dots for the larger paper.
Watercolor to go Watercolor to go
After all of the papers had their dots, I had to let them least favorite step of any project!
Watercolor to go
I reused a water bottle.  I made a label for the bottle and filled it about half way with water.  Put a plastic paintbrush right in the water and screwed the lid on nice and tight.  After the paints were dry, I punched holes in each one and tied them to the bottle with a ribbon.
Watercolor to go
How great are these?!?
I am thinking these would make great party favors for an art/rainbow themed party too!

Also, if you cut the paper into 4X6 rectangles you can have your kiddos paint pictures on the road and send them as postcards!

Here are some of the creations from our idea testers!

Watercolor to go Watercolor to go Watercolor to go
They definatley had fun with it and we will be taking these on the road with us this summer!

Join us and share your summer road trip craft ideas!

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