Sunday, June 24, 2012

Toadstool Baby Rattle!

Toadstool Baby Rattle

So, To be completely honest, I am not crazy about how this rattle came out...Not quite how I envisioned it, but my children all think it is adorable and that I can not possibly leave it off so I will give you  a tutorial for it, and you can take this opportunity to make some suggestions about what I could have changed to make this "Toadstool" look more like a mushroom rattle and less like a microphone! LOL!

I started with:

 Cotton fabric scraps

A little vile filled with rice

Embroidery floss



As you can see I simply traced the edge of a glass to get my perfect circles. Cut one out of two different fabrics.  Then place the fabric circles together with their wrong sides together.


Use a blanket stitch as illustrated above to join the two circles almost the whole way around.  Leave a small opening to stuff the mushroom top.


Stuff the top then sew it shut also using the blanket stitch.


Cut out two pieces of brown fabric similar to the ones above. Place them right sides together, sew up the sides and bottom using an overhand stitch.  Turn it right side out. Stuff the stem but leave the widened part empty.



Sew half of the stem top onto the bottom of the mushroom top.


Wrap the vial with rice in stuffing and insert it into the opening.  Fill the rest of the stem with stuffing until it is firm and you can not feel the rattle. (I used the vial with rice trying to do my part to be green!  Feel free to use whatever you have lying around that will serve this purpose) Sew it up!

Now, I know you have some suggestions that I can try to make this better.... Let me have em!  In my mind this is adorable....I think it's still pretty cute, just not as much of a "toadstool" as I hoped!!

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