Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last day of School!!

So...Today is the last day of school for my two older daughters.  They are both still in

elementary school, so it is still cool for them to bring their teacher a thank you gift on the last day of school.  We ALWAYS make their gifts and this year we decided that we wanted to give them something that would last them for a long time.  We went to the store and picked up the supplies we would need:

  • Flower

  • flower pot

  • paint

  • brushes

  • Spray acrylic sealer

*You may notice this is not in the supplies photo...This was purchased at a second trip to the store after we finished the pots and realized we would need it!


We chose plastic pots, but terracotta would work well too.  First we took black paint and made slash marks around the top edge of the pot. Every inch or so, make one slash longer than the rest, as this will be the inch marks on your ruler.   If you choose a pot that is not yellow, you will want to paint the top ring yellow.


Next, we simply added the numbers on the longer hash marks.  We also added #1 Teacher.



Next we painted the teacher's name on the wide section of the pot. Up to this point I had been doing the painting because there was a certain look I was going for.  After the name was added, and dried completely, I let the kids have at it to paint the rest of the space on the pots.  They, of course loved this part! They did a beautiful job paining them!









Now, it was time to let the pots dry.  This was the most difficult part for the kiddos! After they were dry I realized that paint was not going to stay adhered to the pot very well without some kind of sealant.  I ran to the store and found Mod Podge acrylic sealer.  Perfect!  Ran home, sprayed the pots and when they finally dried, the girls got to plant their flowers.

First, push in the sides of the pot to make it easier to remove it, next remove the plant from it's pot than place it into the new pot.  Now they are all ready to take to the teacher and put a smile on their faces!  It puts a smile on the kids faces too knowing they put their heart into the gift for the teacher they learned so much from!

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