Friday, March 22, 2013

Coffee Filter=Design Element

Who knew!?! Right! Last month over at Practical Scrappers the design team inspired me to use coffee filters in my papercrafting projects.  I was at my local Creative Reuse store (A store that sells donated new and used  art supplies) and stumbled across a huge bag of filters and a clipboard.  This became the perfect birthday gift for my sister.  Shh...Her birthday is tomorrow and it is a surprise!  

I created the ruffles by folding the coffee filter in half 4 times and trimming the top and bottom edges off.  Then I opened it up and made one cut in the circle so that I had a strip.  I ran a line of adhesive about an inch from the bottom of the clipboard and gathered my first filter on the adhesive. I repeated this 4 times.  When I was happy with the ruffles I embellished the rest of the clipboard, added an adorable picture of the cousins and finished it off with a bow!  
I think it is the perfect birthday gift and I hope she does too!  I can't wait to give it to her!
Have fun taking everyday items and creating works of art!
p.s. stop by Practical Scrappers and see step by step directions for creating another project with coffee filters! 

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