Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another day...

No such luck with the new design team but that's okay! I have had a ton of fun this weekend creating some beautiful layouts and other crafty projects!  I will share them all eventually... Today I want to talk about crops and the layouts I created at one I went to recently.  I had never been to a crop before...I still think that in and of itself is pretty CRAZY!  Anyway, went to one with a close friend who was visiting last week.  I was excited to meet some new scrappers in my new hometown area and the get some serious scrapping done...Well let's start by saying it was not exactly as I expected.  The women we sat with at our table for 4 were very nice..well, one of them was!  And let's just say I do not have the same style as either of them!  I started my first layout:
As I was creating I saw the woman next to me...The nice one, eyeing it.  She did not say anything until I began working on the layers for my next layout, the opposite page to my first:
She looks at my beginnings of the second page and says to her friend, "She's one of those scrappers" I look at her a little funny and she says, "The ones who only put one photo on a  page." Well, her friend basically goes off..."Oh my gosh, I could never do that.  I have only ever used one picture on a page once in all the years I have been scrapping. I usually get 30-40 pages done at a crop.  Tonight will be no different....."   The nice friend says "I love it, I think it is really impactful.  I do not think I would ever do it, but I do love how much of an impression it leaves."  I love my single photo layouts and it is only in the last year or so that my scrapping has evolved to that.  But, I started thinking,  if I am ever to catch up, maybe I should try to put more photos on my pages.  Maybe see what I can come up with:
 This one came out pretty cute, and another:
I like this one too.  And finally:
I think these pages came out pretty good.  Certainly not stellar or submission worthy, but I am happy with them.  The photos are on the page and the memories are documented.  I did what I could with my limited supplies at the crop and had every intention of coming home to finish them off, add finishing touches, jazz them up quite a bit more but decided against it.  I decided to leave them as they left the crop as part of the memories behind them!  
The ladies got me thinking that I need to get more photos on the page but without sacrificing my style. My friendly co-scrapper did a one photo page that night too!  So I guess we rubbed off on each other! It was fun and I look forward to going again soon.  It would be nice to scrap with someone who shares my style though:)  
Happy Scrapping!  
p.s. Share your crop stories with me! I know you have some of your own!  

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