Friday, September 13, 2013

Back to School Card Sketch

Summer's over and to be honest I have mixed feelings about back to school.  I love all the time I get to spend with my kiddos over the summer and miss them when they go off to school.   BUT by the end of the summer we are off all of our routines, they have spent the entire summer together so they are beginning to pull each other's hair out, and in turn, I am pulling mine out!  We had a great summer with some travelling and our big move to a new home so this year I welcomed the beginning of the school year and sending 3 of my 4 daughter's off to their big days at their new schools! 
(The oldest started middle school...Freaks me out:-) 
So, with the kiddos back in school, I have more time to create! 
This sketch was inspired by back to school but remember that any element can be switched out to accommodate your needs!  For instance, the apple and pencil could be switched with ribbon and wedding bells to make this a wedding card.  These sketches are to be used a s a source of inspiration, not to limit your creativity!  Stop by Practical Scrappers to check out the lovely ladies takes on the sketch as well!
 Here is the card I created from the sketch:
 I used fine bright green wire to create the spiral to make it look like a real notebook,  
 I used foam stamps and white paint to create the look of chalk on a chalkboard.  
p.s. Try using the sketch or a single element from the sketch to inspire your next project!

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