Friday, May 10, 2013

Double Page Layout Love!

The trend has swung back again to two page layouts and I am very happy about that!  We are featuring 2 page layouts over on Practical Scrappers today so come on by and get some inspiration from our amazing design team!  Here is my two page layout:
I have also started to include both new and old supplies on my layouts and this is no exception   
 The Simple Stories title cards and word blocks are great and I used some great new printed kraft paper.
 I added some shaped metal brads I have had lying around for ages.  Now that they are on the layout, I can not believe I have not used them sooner!
 Some stars and hexagons...Very Trendy!
 Some "Craft Floss" that I have had for years and never knew what to do with.
p.s. find some inspiration to create a two page layout!  

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Mother's Love

With Mother's day rapidly approaching I wanted to share a layout I created with the only photograph I have of my Mother and I when I was a baby.  Yes, that's right the only photo I have of us!  (They did not have a camera when I was a baby)  I think this single fact might have made me into the crazy scrapbooker I am today! 
 I love to use a sewing machine on my layouts and this layout seemed even more perfect since my mom taught me how to sew and bought me my first sewing machine! 
  I added some stitch details and also created a pocket by zigzag stitching three sides of a rectangle!  
The pocket contains my journaling.  I had a lot to say and did not want it to take over my layout so I decided to hide it in a pretty pocket!  
In several places on this layout you will notice these pretty ruffles as well.  These are actually coffee filters!  I folded the circle several times, trimmed it, punched one hole and opened it out.  It created the perfect accent to this picture! 
I had fun playing with the accents that brought the page together!  Try adding some stitching, a pocket, or some coffee filter ruffles to your next layout!  And take some time this Mother's Day to remember all that your Mother has done for you and find a way to say thanks!